Nancy Golin Wiadro


Topics of Expertise:

Nancy Golin Wiadro of Naples, Florida, is a Donor Experience Team Member. She was a member of the Planned Giving and Estates Team and Hadassah’s National Board. She is currently a member of the Honorary Council and the South Florida Region Area Development Center. Nancy is an Area Vice-President of the Florida Central Region and Chair of the Collier/Lee Chapter’s Major Donor/Keepers of the Gate event. A native of Connecticut, Nancy previously served as President of the Connecticut Region and has held various portfolios on the CT Region Board. In a fundraising capacity, she has held the following positions of Chair of the first Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower Grassroots Fundraising, Fundraising Chair for Keepers of the Gate, Fundraising Chair for Hadassah International, Florida Associates Outreach and Fundraising Chair in the Membership and Fundraising Division, Chair of Grassroots Fundraising, and a member of the Planned Giving and Estates Team. In a Leadership and Training capacity, she has presented seminars in Fundraising, Leadership Awareness and Communications Skills on the national and regional levels.