Election Workers Are Essential to Democracy

September 21, 2022

Election Workers Are Essential to Democracy

With Election Day fast approaching on November 8, 2022, voting is a vital step in supporting the election process. However, this is not the only way you can participate in the American democracy. This fall, Hadassah is partnering with the Jewish Partnership for Democracy to get the word out about volunteering as an election worker, another essential factor in ensuring that members of your community are able to vote efficiently, freely and safely.

Throughout the year, Hadassah members take action on the issues that matter most and continue to benefit their communities through election season. In Hadassah’s network of powerful, passionate community leaders, there are people who volunteer in each election to keep our elections accessible and fair across the country.

Being an election worker is a passion with Janee Dodds, Hadassah Gainesville chapter president,  because she can make sure everyone in her community has the opportunity to vote. “The more election workers there are, the more smoothly the election process can run. When we don’t have enough volunteers, people may experience long lines and wait times, slower result processing, and that can lead to less trust in the democratic process.”

“What I find most rewarding about being an election worker is that I’ve helped make sure the election was fair, the results were accurate, and everyone, regardless of their political affiliation, had the opportunity to vote,” continues Janee.

For many election workers, volunteering at the polls is a way to engage civically in a way that’s meaningful and helpful to their communities. “For me, being an election worker is my civic responsibility,” says Jane Jacobson, Hadassah Central Pacific Coast Education and Advocacy vice president. “As an election worker, you gain a new understanding of the voting process. The best way to learn that the system really works is to make yourself part of that system, and see that it is honest, fair and worthwhile to volunteer for.”

Hadassah is proud to join the Jewish Partnership for Democracy, a network of Jewish organizations working together to protect and strengthen American democracy. Sign up today to volunteer as an election worker and help ensure our elections are free, fair and safe*.

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