December 2015 Associates Recap

Jeff Richardson, Associates President

Dear Fellow Associates

This will be my last update as I will be handing the reins of President to Fred Safer of Milwaukee, effective January 1. Fred is a long time NCHA Board member and a gifted leader. I know that the Associates are in good hands with Fred at the helm.

It’s been a privilege to serve as your President these past two years and to be involved with, among other things, the 2014 Las Vegas Convention, the 2015 Business meeting in Philadelphia, and most recently, the very successful Associates Mission to Israel (see article below). We’ve also inaugurated a few things including this very update now appearing monthly in hNews, and the first ever Charity Poker Tournament, held in Chicago on November 21, which will be repeated next year, possibly in some additional cities. We also created a new, more compelling tag line for the Associates...Advancing Medical Research, Healing & Education….and conducted a survey going to all Associates for which we have email addresses to assess interest areas in order to enhance the Associate experience. And of course we’ve had many other accomplishments.

I want to thank my Associate Chairs Fern Tannenbaum and Haren Haber as well as Leadership team members Fred Safer, Burt Krull, Sharon Cadoff, and Tamar Davis for their help and guidance during my tenure.

And I want to thank all of you for your support of Hadassah and the Associates these past few years. Your support has been vital...and may we all go from strength to strength!


Read about our 2015 mission to Israel


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