June 2016 Associates Update

Fred Safer, Associates President

Dear Fellow Associates,

We in the Jewish world are living in an amazing era. A communal dream of over 2,000 years, the State of Israel, celebrated its 68th Anniversary this past month. In spite of being surrounded by enemies committed to destroy its very existence and push all its Jewish citizens into the sea, Israel is thriving. Yes, Israel has economic, social, political and security issues . Every democracy in the world has similar issues of one kind or another. But regardless of obvious obstacles, Israel moves forward as a bustling society.

One of the major areas of achievement is healthcare. We in Hadassah can be very proud of our significant contribution to the health and welfare of Israel's population. Nowhere in the entire Middle East is there a healthcare system comparable. Every person, regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin is treated with the latest in medical technology, in an equal manner, at Hadassah hospitals in Jerusalem.

This 21st Century "Miracle" does not occur in a vacuum. Each Hadassah member and Associate needs to contribute in order for this Jerusalem "miracle" to thrive. An annual commitment is a key element in sustaining the medical research and treatment provided by our world class hospitals. There are numerous ways we, our relatives and friends, can accomplish this task together.

With an annual donation of $1,000 or more, become a "Keeper of the Gate". There are over 200 Associate KOG members and I urge each to make their annual donation now. If an Associate is able, please join this group.

The "Chai Society" is another annual commitment which provides a "lifeline" to the hospitals. At $180 per year it can be achieved by a donation of $ 15 per month. Please join this important group.

This year, 2016, is the 50th Anniversary of Associates. In honor of our "Golden Anniversary" I urge all Associates and others to contribute an additional $ 50, beyond their normal donation, to the Men's Health Initiative (code IM 82). We are establishing an on line Honor Roll on the Associates Website to recognize all donations.

It would be wonderful to have numerous Associates join us in Atlanta for the Hadassah Convention and celebrate our "Golden Anniversary." Our Associate Business meeting will include a special address by the new Director General of HMO, Professor Zeev Rotstein. In addition, Rich Walter, Associate Director of Education from Emory University's Institute for the Study of Modern Israel will speak on current issues affecting Israel.

On Monday morning, prior to the official start of the Convention, we are arranging a tour for men and women at the studios of CNN. Details to follow soon.

All men are invited to the Associate Business meeting to be held on Tuesday morning at 8:30am. Further, there will be many extremely interesting speakers and sessions that men should attend during the Convention. See our recent email blast detailing these events.

See y'all in Atlanta.

Fred Safer
President, National Committee Hadassah Associates
Telephone: 414-573-3599
Email: fsafer@saferandstein.com

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