March 2016 Associates Update

Fred Safer, Associates President

Dear Fellow Associates,

Hadassah Associates are celebrating 50 years of activity on behalf of the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) this year. Commencing this "Golden Anniversary" we are instituting a special 50th Anniversary fundraising effort in support of the Men's Health Initiative (MHI). We are encouraging each and every Hadassah Associate to contribute a separate $50 donation. While this donation should be designated for the MHI, the local Hadassah chapter will also get credit toward its fundraising goals. I personally request all Associates to make this “Golden” donation above and beyond any other contribution.

This year, the third of the MHI, we are focusing on Lung Cancer, the #1 cause of cancer death for men and women in the U.S. Very significant lung cancer research is occurring at the Sharrett Institute of Oncology in HMO in Jerusalem, a referral center for cancer patients from all over the world. Additionally, first steps in what may become a treatment or cure for lung cancer have already taken place. Researchers recently discovered a compound that has successfully shrunk lung cell tumors by 50% on cell samples and laboratory mice. When the compound was used in conjunction with radiation therapy and chemotherapy, the pace of cancerous cell growth was reduced by about 90%. Our continued support is vital to the success of research on lung cancer, the survival rate for which is only 20% after five years.

Mother's Day will occur on May 8th this year. It is closer than you think! A unique and celebratory card has been designed for Associates and others to send to the significant women in their lives. For a $36 donation to the MHI, each Associate can have a card mailed from the Hadassah office direct by “snail mail” to his special designated females. Cards can be ordered on line from Hadassah commencing by April 1st. Anyone can purchase. Just click on the email address indicated and have your credit card ready.

Associates are urged to join their wives and significant others at the Hadassah National Convention which will be celebrated in Atlanta, Georgia. The dates are July 25th thru 28th. Mark your calendar NOW!! The Associates' Business meeting, special lectures and other events will take place .Associates will also be welcome to attend the plenary sessions. More details will be available soon.

Do you have male relatives and friends who are not yet Associates? For a lifetime Associate membership, the one-time investment is only $212. Sign them up NOW!!

Another area where men and women can coordinate fundraising is “Keepers of the Gate”. Here too, men (and women) can designate the contribution toward theMHI and the local Hadassah chapter receives credit towards its fundraising goal. Keepers provide a vital annual minimum commitment of $1,000 or more. It is a contribution category in which both men and women can participate. Together we can achieve our 2016 MHI fund raising goal of $125,000.

Under the leadership of Jeff Richardson, immediate past president of Associates, Chicago held a very successful Poker Tournament. It was the first time this fundraising event took place. Another event is already being scheduled for September 2016. Jeff will be delighted to share the “How To” template with other communities. Please contact him. (jrichardson@hadassah.org) Click on the following link to view an article and pictures of the event.


Fred Safer
President, National Committee of Hadassah Associates

TO BECOME AN ASSOCIATE KEEPER go to www.hadassah.org/keepers

Read our highlights from the 2015 Chicago-North Shore Poker Tournament

Click here to see and download our ad for lovely Mother’s cards for the important women in your lives, the proceeds from which will benefit the Men’s Health Initiative.

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