May 2016 Associates Update

Message from the National Associates Chair, Sherryl Kaufman

Dear Fellow Associates,

I'm sure that you already know how important you are to our organization — educating Associates on Men's Health issues, donating, and spear-heading events while raising funds for the Men's Health Initiative and Hadassah.

Did you ever think about the other ways that associates can be involved? Did you know that Hadassah can do something for you through a number of professional councils? Hadassah is more than just a fundraising organization. It cares about educating its members and Associates professionally. Indeed, Hadassah's origins were in education, starting with Henrietta Szold's book circle.

Hadassah boasts professional Councils in three areas — Physicians, Attorneys, and Nurses. In this and future hNews articles we plan to feature each of these councils. Our focus today is on the Physician's Council.

Thank you to Ann Karty and Jill Schwartz-Chevlin, Co-Chairs of the National Physician's Council. Ann put together the following profile of the growing Physician's Council. Associates who are physicians may also be interested in two special Physician Council events at the Convention in Atlanta. Details follow the profile below.

I urge all Associates to join the Physicians Council and take advantage of the educational offerings.

Hadassah National Physicians' Council


Membership includes Hadassah Physicians and Hadassah Associate Physicians


  • The Physicians' Council was created nearly 10 years ago as an opportunity to increase member experience working with Hadassah
  • As a membership organization, this council was crafted as a tool to enrich member value to Hadassah by enriching members through physician networking
  • Collaboration between US Hadassah members/associates and Israeli Hadassah members/associates has been a longstanding goal of the group through the design of four separate continuing medical education programs, held in Israel with primary instruction through HMO physician speakers
  • There has been additional collaboration with the Hadassah National Nurses' Council as the group expanded its educational offerings and combined the education programming and mission trips
  • This unique group provides potential opportunity for ongoing fundraising as it relates to Hadassah HMO ventures/ research
  • As a primary goal of Hadassah, a group of medical professionals highlighted as a portion of the Hadassah membership provides opportunity for ongoing public relations and promotion of HMO physician programming when visiting communities in the US


  • The Physicians' Council has created an opportunity to develop and provide a network in US of physician support for:
    • publicity of Hadassah medical ventures
    • grand rounds local hospitals
    • community talks
    • industry-pharma-talks
    • specialty meetings
      • media on how Hadassah research can improve the lives of OUR patients TODAY.
      • fundraising- community events
      • parlor meetings
      • national annual meeting
  • At a national level, the strategic design of the Physicians' Council is to create a reproducible format for chapters to have their own physician councils. Increasing activity in local communities remains a high priority.
  • This group also provides an engaged audience to advocate for Hadassah and the work coming out of HMO and the research organizations

On Tuesday, July 26 (from 12 noon — 2 pm), the Hadassah Physicians' Council is presenting a forum entitled "Jewish Perspectives of End of Life Care: Medical Ethics, Do No Harm," followed by an "Ask the Doc" session. The panelists will include a Professor of Medical Ethics, an attorney, a Rabbi, and a Palliative Care Physician. Registered Associates are welcome to attend. Local (Atlanta) medical professionals (including Associates) who are not attending the entire Hadassah National Convention are invited to register for the day (One-Day Registration) and hear about Hadassah Medical Organization achievements and other Hadassah updates brought to the convention floor on Tuesday, July 26th.

In addition, the Council will hold a cocktail reception on Wednesday, July 27 before the banquet.


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