May 2018 Associates Update

Why Support the Hadassah Associates

Many secular Jews today ask, what do Jewish Institutions mean to them and their families? While American Jews today enjoy unprecedented religious and political freedom, innocent men, women and children around the globe lack such freedoms and are subject to gross abuses of their most basic human rights, sometimes by their own government.

As a people who were ourselves enslaved and slaughtered at the hands of despots, we should feel a responsibility to speak for those who cannot be spoken for, to defend the defenseless, and to protect the innocent.

To this end, we must speak out about human rights violations and growing anti-Semitism around the globe. Our tradition teaches that we will be judged on our deeds, not our religious beliefs. As we seek to live our lives, we must work to ensure that no one is discriminated against based on religious beliefs. Too often, people turn their backs on the voiceless — but as Jews living only a couple of generations after the near annihilation of our people, we know too well the danger and the horror of global indifference. To us, "never again" is not just a slogan. It is a firm, moral commitment on our part not to stand by in the face of unspeakable hatred and violence.

As the quintessential victims of religious persecution, the Jewish community understands such persecution and devotes itself to measures designed to lessen its impact. It is our duty and obligation to prevent persecution and oppression in the future, wherever and to whomever it may occur. Your socially conscious and motivated children, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces understand this, but we, whether as parents, grandparents, or uncles, must connect this idealism with the traditions and teachings of Judaism, however secular, and with the meaning of the State of Israel if we as a people are going to survive and thrive.

This concept of inclusiveness is the hallmark of our Hadassah hospitals. People of every religious and/or ethnic background are treated with the finest medical care possible. This medical care is only available because of the personal commitment of each and every Hadassah Associate. We have embarked on a campaign to eradicate a disease that may affect nearly every family. Hadassah Associates is raising funds for medical research to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease. The Hadassah Medical Organization is already a partner in this international effort of Research in Service to Humanity. Knowing your past generosity, please join us and contribute today to the Men’s Health Initiative. Make your donation HERE! Every local Chapter and Region will receive fundraising credit toward their goals.

Associates of Monroe Township, NJ Honor Israel, El Al
On Sunday, April 22, Associates of Monroe Township, NJ honored the State of Israel and El Al Airlines on the occasion of their respective 70th anniversaries. More than 200 people, including Mayor Gerald Tamburro and State Senator Linda Greenstein, were entertained and inspired by Atty. Marvin Goldman of Manhattan, who is considered El Al’s historian. He displayed on a giant screen many of his 1,000 computerized visual images tracing the history of both entities. Each guest received souvenirs, courtesy of El Al, and a large kosher cake, decorated in El Al’s and Israel’s blue and white, was served. "We exceeded our goal in terms of attendance," said Manny Strumpf, co-chair, and "we shortly will begin planning for our seventh annual educational public affairs event for 2019. Since 2013, this series has raised more than $10,000."

Associates of Cincinnati/ Jewish Gangsters Program
Hadassah Associates and spouses of Cincinnati Hadassah Chapter members joined with Chapter members on April 9 for a fascinating Coffee Talk program on Jewish gangsters. Led by Elliott Lieb, a criminal trial consultant and former Treasury Special Agent, the program explored the roles of Jews in organized crime, focusing on gangsters like Meyer Lansky, Dutch Schultz, and Bugsy Siegel. Jeff Bassin, a member of the National Associates Board, spoke on the role of Hadassah Associates and its work. Over 50 men and women attended.

Associates 2019 Mission
We want to hear from you. The Associates are planning a 2019 Mission to take place in February or March, and are considering an Associate Mission to explore Jewish Cuba, following Hadassah's past success. If you might be interested, please email jrotenberg@hadassah.org.

Jim Rotenberg
President National Committee of Hadassah Associates

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