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The Hadassah Foundation (HF) invites your organization to submit an application for a 2019 US grant. HF will fund new or existing programs that utilize a gender lens and are designed to create sustainable social change for women and girls in the Jewish community within the United States. The programs can be geared towards any age group, and must address one or more of the following focus areas:

  • Leadership advancement:  initiatives that increase the number and capacity of women and girls in positions of leadership.
  • Breaking glass ceilings: initiatives that increase a women or girls’ ability to succeed and achieve in all fields.  This can include empowering women by decreasing economic barriers or by advancing women’s achievements.
  • Political representation: initiatives that increase Jewish female representation through policy and public service.  

Hadassah Foundation is pleased to be able to award two-year grants for up to $70,000 paid over that time period.  If you are a past HF grant recipient, you can apply for a new grant for a different program as long as it meets our eligibility requirements.

All applications are due by Thursday, February 21, 2019.

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