From championing a strong US-Israel relationship to fighting antisemitism and standing up for women’s health equity, we are making a difference, bringing healing and justice to the world.

Every day, Hadassah members are speaking out in multiple ways — from sending messages to meeting face to face with elected officials — locally and on the Hill. Our founder, Henrietta Szold, saw suffering and took action, bringing emergency health care to mothers and their infants in pre-state Israel. Henrietta’s passion is in our DNA and continues to drive us—this is our practical Zionism. Each of us has the power to make an impact. Raise your voice today. Make a voting plan, learn more about what’s at stake and help safeguard democracy with Hadassah Votes 2024.

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Issues We Care About

Our top priorities center around supporting Israel, advocating for the well-being of women and reinforcing Jewish values. We are steadfast in our fight against antisemitism and hate and we are tackling the taboos and disparities affecting all aspects of women’s health. Join us in putting our collective power to work.

Strengthening US-Israel Relations

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Central to Hadassah’s mission is our steadfast dedication to and support of the land and people of Israel. To foster stronger US-Israel relations, we educate our elected officials about Israel’s needs as a modern democracy, ally and strategic partner of the US. Join us as we advocate for:

  • robust foreign aid
  • security cooperation and Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist attacks
  • economic alliances
  • bipartisan legislation to fight the delegitimization of Israel
  • collaborative initiatives such as medical partnerships between the US and Israel

Combating Antisemitism

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We stand up for what is right — the safety of the Jewish people, fighting hatred toward Jews and standing in solidarity with Israel; addressing anti-Israel and antisemitic agendas, rhetoric and ideology.  

Our power in combating antisemitism is through education — at home and abroad — and we’re proud that our efforts secured passage of the Never Again Education Act, expanding Holocaust and anti-hate education throughout the US.

To enhance understanding and strengthen protections for Jewish people in the US and worldwide, Hadassah supports the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism. Join us in actively promoting this definition in government, academia, social media and whenever Jews need protection from discrimination.

reConceiving Infertility

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At Hadassah, we are reConceiving Infertility to raise awareness, confront taboos, destigmatize infertility and fight for access to quality, affordable diagnosis and treatment. Infertility is a women’s health issue, a men’s health issue and a family health issue. In addition to the emotional and physical toll, the high cost of treatment puts many patients into debt or prevents them from seeking care. Speak out to policymakers and in your community.

Championing Women’s Health Equity

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In the face of pervasive gender disparities across the health care system, we have a vision for the future of women’s health. This includes prevention, research, maternal and reproductive health, and access to quality and affordable care. At Hadassah’s hospitals, cutting-edge medical breakthroughs and multidisciplinary health centers combine to support women’s health throughout their lives. Being informed by the work at our hospitals, you have the opportunity to advocate for patient-centered care, funding, improved health data collection and inclusion in all phases of research and clinical trials.

As the convener of the Coalition for Women’s Health Equity, with a mission to create a unified force, Hadassah serves as a critical leader, championing better women’s health outcomes through public education, legislative advocacy and stakeholder collaboration.

Ensuring Reproductive Rights

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Hadassah has, and always will, unequivocally stand for women’s reproductive rights, empowering women with the knowledge to make critical health decisions for themselves and their families. Hadassah is committed to ensuring that women — not elected officials or employers — control their own bodies and family planning decisions. Reproductive health choices, based on full and accurate medical information and guidance, must be made in accordance with a woman’s own religious, moral and ethical values.

Take Action. Get INvolved.

It’s easy to use your voice on policy issues that are important to you. We’re committed to empowering our members and supporters to take action in a variety of ways — and believe that because of women and men like you, Hadassah is a dynamic force for change.

Meet Face to Face with Legislators

Make your voice heard. Join other Hadassah advocates and get trained to make an impact in face-to-face meetings with policymakers in your community, state or in DC. (Yes, we have socially distanced options, too!)

  • Members to Members: Hadassah Day in the District and Sit-downs with Senators: Meet with your federal legislators in their regional offices or online.  
  • Hadassah Date with the State: Meet with state officials to advance priority issues on the state level.
  • Hadassah Day on the Hill: Join hundreds of supporters from your home state, or around the country, in Washington, DC, to meet with your members of Congress, and receive briefings from government agencies and foreign embassies.  

Join us and let policymakers know where you stand on key issues!

Expand Our Reach

Use your influence. Contact your elected officials to support Hadassah’s Government Relations Office, which is forging relationships and working side by side with leaders on Capitol Hill, at the White House and throughout government agencies to further our policy priorities in Washington. Invite your legislators and other leaders to visit Hadassah’s hospitals with our Influentials-to-Israel program, so they can experience our work firsthand. Hadassah also holds special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), increasing our global exposure and allowing us to build coalitions with other organizations, advocate for women’s health and support the State of Israel. Harnessing the power of your grassroots efforts, our DC and United Nations teams are able to maximize our collective advocacy impact.

Speak Out on the Issues

Hadassah's policy statements, debated and voted on by Hadassah members from around the country, represent the organization's official stance on a wide variety of issues facing our nation, Israel and other international matters of concern. With Hadassah’s National Action Center, advocacy is right at your fingertips and you can make a difference in an instant. It’s as easy as logging on. Just find the issues that are important to you and you can easily send a letter to your representative or senator right from our website. Sign up for our Advocacy Alert emails to stay up to date on the latest legislation and the right opportunities for you to take action.

News and Stories

From our ongoing work on the Never Again Education Act to our efforts fostering stronger US-Israel relations — and the many articles about our members and leaders around the country who fight for what we believe is right — you will surely be inspired by the stories of Hadassah women who effect change both in their communities and in the halls of Congress.