Supporting Our Youth

Nearly a third of children in Israel live in poverty, and almost half a million suffer from high-risk situations such as abuse, learning disabilities or a lack of basic needs. Still others come to us from places around the world where it is no longer safe to be a Jew.

Central to our mission is the well-being of future generations, and the Hadassah-supported Meir Shfeyah and Neurim Youth Aliyah villages help put these children on a path to success. Since 1934, over 300,000 students from 80 lands have graduated from Youth Aliyah.

Young immigrants and at-risk native Israelis receive a full spectrum of help — shelter, food, counseling, education and other supportive services. From Hebrew lessons and classes on Jewish heritage to athletics and art, they get the care and attention needed to become productive members of Israeli society.

Our Youth Villages

Hadassah sponsors two Youth Aliyah villages — providing education, counseling and love — and fostering independence, self-esteem and success. Each village operates vocational training with programs in high-tech auto repair, precision tool-making and wine making. Our cultural enrichment programs, including music and art, make for well-rounded students. And our sports programs give students the structure, discipline and teamwork that together give students excellent lifelong habits and much-needed self-esteem. Our Meir Shfeyah students complete their Bagrut (matriculation) requirements at twice the national average, and 97% of our graduates do their army service in the IDF. Many of our graduates choose to do an additional year of community service before their army service, and a growing number pursue higher education.

Our Programs

Students come to our villages from diverse backgrounds and with virtually no knowledge or understanding of their Jewish heritage. We are proud to offer them a variety of programs that enhance their lives with the rich history and variety of Jewish life, like our Joy of Judaism program and heritage enrichment trips to Poland and Ethiopia.

Our Youth

The children who come to our villages are often desperately in need of hope, skills and direction. We are so proud that our Youth Aliyah villages continue to make such a positive impact on the lives of our students. Meet some of our youth and see how our collective support is helping them find happiness and success in the villages and beyond.

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