Hadassah Professional Councils are a bonus feature of membership exclusively for members of these professions at no extra cost. They provide an outstanding way to support one another, network and learn from colleagues in your field. Council benefits include exclusive webinars featuring noteworthy experts, in-person local events, online discussion groups, networking opportunities and industry-specific newsletters that are inspiring and help connect you to our work. If you’re eligible, take advantage of this opportunity to join with professionals who share your interests in Israel, women’s empowerment and bettering health care around the world.

Attorneys and Judges Council

Participate in our esteemed Council programs, including our US Supreme Court Swearing In and Amicus Briefs initiatives and more. Network and learn from your peers in the legal profession — and work together to advocate for issues you care about.

Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Council

Work with your fellow nurses and health care professionals to mentor, support and empower one another to do good in the world. We help meet the educational, social and professional concerns of our members in the United States, Israel and worldwide. Participate in programs to earn CE credits.

Physicians Council

Forge connections with fellow physicians around the world who care about Hadassah, the Hadassah Medical Organization and new medical research breakthroughs in Israel. Join us and share your professional expertise as an advocate, volunteer and donor.

Educators Council

Hadassah celebrates and supports all educators. Educators of all backgrounds and levels are invited to join our council. Share your passion for learning and teaching with an empowered community. Support one another and engage with issues connected to education, Judaism and Israel today.