We believe that action speaks louder than words. We are the doers, the changemakers. We raise our voices to make our world a better place. We march for change and progress. We fight for a strong Israel. And we do all of this, together. 

Through good times and challenging ones, we band together and never lose focus on what matters to us: women’s equality, Israel and Jewish values, and the health and well-being of all people. Our volunteer leaders embody true dedication, committing themselves to advancing Hadassah’s mission in the US and the world. Our members are strong women who are finding innovative ways to connect, advocate and become powerful leaders. And our supporters — women and men — make our impact possible, ensuring that our healing — in every sense of the word — reaches people who need it the most.

Our Leadership

Meet our National Board and Assembly members, dedicated volunteer leaders who turn our mission into action every day. This group helps steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound governance, mission-driven policies, and financial management plans.

Our Staff

Meet our executive management and senior staff members who are true partners with volunteer leaders across the country.

Our People

Meet our members and supporters, the dedicated people who advance our important work. Our members span 700 chapters in every congressional district across the country. Whether attending educational events or fundraising socials, joining boards or committees, or meeting with local or state legislators, our members and supporters drive our success.

Our Associates

Hadassah Associates are men who are true partners of Hadassah, who for over 50 years have lent their support by advancing Hadassah medical care, healing and education. Our Associates have raised millions of dollars for initiatives including stem cells, gene therapy, cardiac surgical suite, patient rooms at the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower and Alzheimer’s disease.