When it comes to your health and wellness, Hadassah is here for you and your family. Hadassah has always focused on bettering health care in the US, Israel and around the world, with a particular concern for helping women lead healthier lives, educating women about health issues that affect them and empowering them towards advocacy, both with their healthcare providers and at every level of government on issues related to women’s health. We learn together about the breakthrough research and miraculous patient treatments taking place at Hadassah’s hospitals that are helping to heal our world.

Heart Health

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in the United States? The good news is that 80%-90% of heart disease is preventable -- and Hadassah is empowering women everywhere to take charge of their heart health through Every Beat Counts: Hadassah’s Heart Health Program®.

This major organization-wide initiative aims at raising awareness about heart disease causes and risks among women and promoting heart healthy lifestyles. We provide informative programs featuring medical experts and patients; exclusive guides with key facts; fundraising opportunities to support cardiovascular-related initiatives and research; and our popular Every Move Counts fitness initiative and Every Bite Counts nutrition program.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second most deadly cancer for women in the US, causing 43,600 deaths each year. Hadassah researchers confirmed that Ashkenazi Jews have at least a 10 times greater prevalence of BRCA1 gene mutations which can cause breast and ovarian cancer. We’re proud of the groundbreaking work HMO has done to pinpoint Ashkenazi women’s breast cancer risk and the continued strides they make in whole-woman care.

From Check It Out to the Uplift Project® to Celebrate the TaTas to innovative online programming, Hadassah women come together year after year to raise awareness and funds for HMO and engage the next generation.

reConceiving Infertility

For too long, infertility and the struggles toward parenthood have been topics of hushed conversations and quiet suffering. From the matriarchs and patriarchs of biblical times to present day, too many women and men know these challenges all too well.

At Hadassah, we're reConceiving Infertility, by bringing women, men and the greater community together to raise awareness and confront taboos while driving policy change and empowering patients to advocate for their health. At the same time, we're helping our communities expand their definitions of what it means when we talk about family.


At Hadassah, we're fighting back with three proven strategies: education and awareness, US advocacy and support for groundbreaking research at the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO).

Use your power and advocate to protect women's health coverage and expand research funding. Take an active role in educating yourself and your family by understanding the risks and signs, knowing your family’s medical history and talking to your doctor about early and consistent screening. Then use your voice and spread the word.

Program Highlights

Empower yourself to take charge or your own health. Our many wellness programs—both online and in person—are an engaging, informative way to live a healthier lifestyle. Visit our video library to for a variety of past programs including cooking, exercise, meditation, and our most popular health education.  Get moving, combat COVID-isolation, learn from HMO and American experts, find advocacy opportunities, and more!

News and Stories

Keep up with what is happening at Hadassah in Israel and across the country. Learn more about our activities in related news and stories.