When you become a part of the Hadassah Physicians Council you help us achieve our goal of forging connections between physicians around the world who care about Hadassah, the Hadassah Medical Organization and the future of medicine in Israel.
Contact us to join the Physicians Council, where you can share your professional expertise as an advocate, volunteer and donor. Advocate for Israel’s security and women’s health equity while helping advance Hadassah’s groundbreaking medical research to heal our world. Support our work and make an impact on the future of health care in the United States at our hospitals in Jerusalem.



Breath of Life fundraiser

Every day, ultrasound technology helps medical experts bring healthy babies into the world. Ultrasound provides pediatric respiratory, surgical and intensive care teams with the vital information they need to inform and guide the ongoing care of the baby and the expectant mom.

Please join us in this Breath of Life fundraiser to supply the Pediatric Unit at Hadassah Medical Organization, Ein Kerem, with the very latest in ultrasound equipment to assure that our littlest, most vulnerable patients thrive.

Hadassah On Call: New Frontiers in Medicine Podcast

Curious about what goes on behind the headlines at Hadassah’s hospitals in Israel? Our engaging podcast takes you there, bringing you dramatic stories directly from the doctors, researchers and nurses. From striving for peace through medicine to performing surgeries with robots, our medical teams are working on medical breakthroughs and cutting-edge research that impact people around the world.
Plus, hear inspiring stories of patients who have recovered from near-death experiences, thanks to our medical teams. Listen now and be amazed!

Stay Connected

You can be involved with Hadassah’s professional councils in many ways. Join our exclusive online programs throughout the year — open to council members — featuring prominent professionals in various respective fields speaking on a variety of relevant topics. Listen to our Hadassah On Call podcast and hear about the latest breakthroughs at our hospitals. Our newsletter features information from member physicians, profiles of our medical professionals across the US, news from the Hadassah Medical Organization, plus opportunities to get involved.

Support Medicine in Israel

Medical breakthroughs at Hadassah’s hospitals bring healing beyond Israel’s borders, from COVID-19 and heart disease to breast cancer and diabetes. These advances — along with Hadassah’s innovative protocols and rapid global responses — are saving the lives of patients worldwide. And our advocacy advances strong US-Israel medical partnerships.

Our council is committed to supporting medicine in Israel. Most recently, we raised funds in memory of council member Dr. Nancy Dintenfass for a much-needed, fully equipped double patient room in the Hematology Oncology Department of the Round Building at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem. Dr. Dintenfass was a caring and wonderful radiologist specializing in Breast Imaging, and was a Hadassah and Physicians Council member before she passed away in 2018.

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