Meir Shfeyah

Meir Shfeyah is located in the beautiful Carmel Mountains near Zichron Yaakov. The robust village has everything from computer and science labs to a gym, synagogue, dairy, chicken farm, computerized greenhouse, organic farm, vineyards and orchards. The Deborah B. Kaplan Sports Center houses a full-size soccer field, stadium and swimming pool. The Bonnie Lipton Center for the Performing Arts has a modern 500-seat auditorium, an amphitheater and the Parker-Edelstein Music Center, which has become the center of the village’s activities and home to the Shfeyah Mandolin orchestra and music program.

The Shfeyah Winery produces 5,000 bottles of premium wine annually. Under the supervision of staff and renowned vintner Ruti Ben Israel, it is run by 11th- and 12th-grade students who help with everything from growing the grapes to designing bottle labels.

The village is home to about 300 students including Jews, Druze, Muslims, Ethiopians, Russians, Bedouins and Eritrean refugees and another 300 students from surrounding communities.

Hadassah Neurim

Hadassah Neurim, near Netanya, was founded in 1948 as a refuge for children fleeing the gunfire of the War of Independence. Today it serves as a sanctuary for hundreds of youth from around the world, many from the former Soviet Union, and from the streets of Israel.

The village's programs include sound and audio workshops, animal therapy, pre-army preparation and carpentry. Hadassah Neurim also offers programs for special needs students and for athletically gifted youth. It's not just about the game. The sports program at Neurim provides at-risk youth with a nurturing social and educational framework through which they learn teamwork and discipline. These lessons prepare them for life outside the village, as full and productive members of Israeli society.