Young Judaea's Rich History

From our founding to important advocacy milestones, here are a few of our favorite Young Judaea moments.

1909: Young Judaea is born.

1936: Hadassah supports Young Judaea with a $2500 grant.

1948: Camp Tel Yehudah is founded.

Mid 1950s: Camp Judaea in North Carolina opens.

1956: Our Year Course Program is launched.

Mid 1960s: Camp YJ Texas comes under the auspices of the Zionist Youth Commission.

1963: Young Judaea is the only Jewish youth group to send an official delegation to the Civil Rights March on Washington.

1967: Hadassah becomes the sole supporter of Young Judaea.

1970: Camp Young Judaea Midwest is established.

1973: Young Judaea  graduates, looking for a stronger commitment to Zionism, found Kibbutz Ketura.

1982: Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake opens.

1993: We gather 8,000 signatures calling for more US involvement on behalf of MIA Israeli soldiers.

1997: Partnerships with two sister movements — the Tsofim in Israel and the Federation of Zionist Youth in Great Britain — are formalized.

1998: Hadassah commissions a study which shows 95% of Young Judaea alumni surveyed married other Jews.

2005: Young Judaeans help clean up after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

2012: Young Judaea becomes an independent organization with Hadassah continuing its commitment to scholarships and special programs.

2017: Camp Young Judaea-Texas reopens its summer camp to host survivors of Hurricane Harvey. 

2018: Young Judaea study finds that among alumni respondents, 95% consider “love of Israel” to be essential or important in their lives.