Hadassah On Call:
New Frontiers in Medicine

Join us as we go behind the scenes at Hadassah hospitals in Jerusalem, introducing our listeners to the health care superheroes who save lives every day. Meet the eye doctor who made a blind patient see, the ALS researcher who discovered that patients with a positive attitude feel less pain and the maverick pediatric nephrologist who devised an ingenious way for his young patients to perform better in elementary school. Plus, you’ll hear the inspiring stories of how those from different cultural and religious backgrounds work together to provide cutting-edge health care to all in need.

Meet Maayan Hoffman, Our New Hadassah On Call Host

We're thrilled to welcome Maayan Hoffman to our Hadassah On Call team! A savvy, insightful American-Israeli journalist, today she is running a Jerusalem-based strategic communications company. Among her clients is The Jerusalem Post, where she serves as head of conferences. Previously, she served as news editor, head of strategy and senior health analyst covering the COVID-19 pandemic.

A third-generation Hadassah member, mother and wife living in Jerusalem, Maayan has held several senior journalism positions and written about health, innovation and more for publications including The Washington Post, The American Spectator, The Hill and Roll Call.

Maayan's first Hadassah On Call episode — Monkeypox: Should We Hit the Panic Button? —

is out now!

The Branch

A Podcast About Arab-Jewish Connections

The Branch takes listeners into the everyday lives of Jews and Arabs in Israel forging meaningful relationships — at Hadassah hospitals, and far and wide, too, through feminism and rap music, social activism and ice cream, and even on a farm and in an Arab fishing village. Hosted by veteran journalist Dina Kraft from 2018-2021, The Branch shines a light on the stories of real people, creating shared society. Together. Even though it’s complicated.

Their stories are just as powerful and inspiring today as they were when the first aired. Listen now.