125 Years of the Zionist Movement & Israel at 75

July 2022

Support for Israel

Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc., proudly celebrates two important anniversaries in the history of Israel and Zionism: the 125th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress and the 75th anniversary of the State of Israel.

Hadassah inspires a passion for and commitment to the land, the people and the future of Israel.  By strengthening our connection to Israel, we help to ensure a strong future for Zionism.   Hadassah’s deep roots and devotion to Zionism bring healing and justice to the world.

The summer of 2022 will mark the 125th anniversary of the First World Zionist Congress, the foundation of the Zionist movement. Hadassah has long celebrated the importance of the congress, which meets every five years and is instrumental in shaping Zionism both in Israel and in the diaspora.  Hadassah is proud of our active involvement in the World Zionist Congress (WZC) along with our membership and leadership in the World Zionist Organization and its local federation, the American Zionist Movement (AZM).

We believe that highlighting the significance of this anniversary is critical as an expression of Hadassah’s ongoing commitment to the celebration of Zionism today and for years to come, especially now when Israel is being challenged by others and when antisemitism and anti-Zionism are sadly growing in the United States and around the world.

In celebration of Israel’s 75th year of independence next year, we reaffirm our commitment to the State of Israel. We celebrate our works of practical Zionism that helped to build the State of Israel and continues to foster its growth. We pledge to continue our important Zionist efforts both in Israel and around the world.

Hadassah’s Zionist education programs and Zionist advocacy are committed to:

  • Amplifying the voices of young Zionist adults who represent the next generation of leaders
  • Empowering people to publicly claim their support for Israel
  • Addressing and changing current negative connotations of Zionism
  • Proudly declaring our Zionism through education, advocacy and discourse
  • Educating the wider public on Zionism’s roots and modern-day challenges
  • Listening and respecting those Zionists who share opinions that differ from our own

Hadassah’s newest Israel program, Evolving Zionism: Widening the Tent, encourages activities and discussions about modern-day Zionism. We welcome everyone to join us in widening the tent to encompass a wide breadth of Zionist views.

Hadassah's Policy Statements represent the organization's official stance on a wide variety of issues facing our nation, Israel and other international matters of concern. Policy Statements are debated and voted on at national meetings by Hadassah’s national board and delegates from our membership. Once approved, statements become official policies of the organization and serve to define Hadassah's overall agenda and advocacy priorities. Hadassah, as a charitable organization classified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, is prohibited from any direct or indirect support of, or opposition to, candidates for public office.