Pluralism and the Zionist Movement

January 2021

Support for Israel

Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc., reaffirms its commitment to strengthen the Zionist community and its steadfast dedication to inclusivity, diversity and pluralism within the Zionist movement.

The World Zionist Congress — known as the “parliament of the Jewish people” — convenes every five years and is responsible for allocating nearly $1 billion annually in support of Israel and Jewish communities around the world. Members of the World Zionist Organization, collectively, can use that power to establish a strong framework to strengthen the Zionist movement, ensure a safe and secure Israel, and provide a platform for our children to strengthen the global Jewish community for generations to come.  

In 1994 the World Zionist Court granted Hadassah a permanent slate of 32 representatives to the Congress. Hadassah, a non-partisan and non-denominational organization, proudly mobilized supporters to vote in the Zionist Election 2020 and sent a full slate of representatives to participate in the 38th World Zionist Congress, held virtually from October 20 to 22, 2020.

Many in the pro-Israel community are deeply passionate and committed to individual ideas for how best to support and defend the Jewish homeland. Hadassah reaffirms that there is room for all those who love Israel and support her right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state to join that discussion and make their voices heard.

Thanks to Hadassah and our allies’ efforts, the World Zionist Congress unanimously passed a wall-to-wall Agreement of Principles that promotes inclusivity of all Zionist groups that belong to the World Zionist Congress, an agreement that represents the true diversity and pluralism of the Zionist movement in Israel and the Diaspora.

Hadassah welcomes these ongoing efforts by the World Zionist Organization and Israeli leaders to strengthen Israel-Diaspora relations — promoting unity within the movement and reinforcing Zionism around the world.

Hadassah's Policy Statements represent the organization's official stance on a wide variety of issues facing our nation, Israel and other international matters of concern. Policy Statements are debated and voted on at national meetings by Hadassah’s national board and delegates from our membership. Once approved, statements become official policies of the organization and serve to define Hadassah's overall agenda and advocacy priorities. Hadassah, as a charitable organization classified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, is prohibited from any direct or indirect support of, or opposition to, candidates for public office.