Hadassah Confirms New Policy Statements Reaffirming Support for Choice in a Post-Roe Landscape and Championing Israel’s Right to Exist

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Lilly Freemyer

NEW YORK, NY – Today, Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, unanimously voted to adopt two new policy statements at their semi-annual National Assembly held in Florida. “Championing Israel’s Right to Exist” reaffirms Hadassah’s unwavering support for Zionism, Israel’s right to exist and the Israeli people’s right to self-determination. “Support for Choice in a Post-Roe Landscape” reaffirms Hadassah’s unwavering support for complete access to reproductive choice and health care after the overturning of Roe v. Wade and federal protections in June 2022.

“Hadassah, as a Zionist organization, will always support Israel’s right to exist as a shining example of democracy in the Middle East,” said Rhoda Smolow, Hadassah National President. “Hadassah is also deeply committed to women’s health and reproductive choice. In 2023, Hadassah and its 300,000 members will continue to advocate for policies that support our values.”

Hadassah’s policy statement “Championing Israel’s Right to Exist” reaffirms Hadassah’s commitment to declaring our Zionism with pride, changing current negative connotations of Zionism and empowering others to publicly claim their support for Israel through education, advocacy and discourse, while fighting hateful and untruthful labels attributed to Israel. Hadassah urges everyone to reject and denounce dangerous and inflammatory accusations meant to demonize the state of Israel.

Hadassah’s policy statement “Support for Choice in a Post-Roe Landscape” reaffirms Hadassah’s commitment to fight for protections for patients who seek reproductive health services as well as the health professionals who provide services and allies that facilitate access to care. Hadassah calls on policymakers at the local, state and federal levels to recognize reproductive choice as a fundamental women’s health issue and to safeguard access to reproductive health services.

Read the full statement “Support for Choice in a Post-Roe Landscape” here and the full “Championing Israel’s Right to Exist” here.


Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, is the largest Jewish women’s organization in the United States. With nearly 300,000 members, donors and supporters, Hadassah brings women together to effect change on such critical issues as ensuring Israel’s security, combating antisemitism and promoting women’s health care. Through its Jerusalem-based hospital system, the Hadassah Medical Organization, Hadassah helps support exemplary care for more than 1 million people every year as well as world-renowned medical research. Hadassah’s hospitals serve without regard to race, religion or nationality and in 2005 earned a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for building bridges to peace through medicine. Hadassah also supports two youth villages that set at-risk youth in Israel on the path to a successful future. Visit www.hadassah.org or follow Hadassah on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.