Marsha Eisenberg and Sarene Silver

Message from the Region President

Welcome to Hadassah Upper Midwest. We hope that you will visit this website often to see what is happening in our region as well as throughout the Midwest.

The Upper Midwest is known as a far-flung region because it encompasses five large states — Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. The distances, plus long, snowy winters, have always made it difficult for us to get together in person as often as we would like. In spite of that, we have several active chapters within our region.

This is really our year to connect and reconnect with our members. Long distances and the snow are no longer a deterrent to getting together, thanks to Zoom. We will be having at least one region activity every quarter, but with the power of Zoom you can also participate in programs being offered throughout the Upper Midwest, Midwest and even nationally. The options are almost limitless!

This website also brings you information about what is happening at Hadassah in Israel. Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) has been at the forefront of testing and treating COVID. At the same time, care for other patients, research into many diseases and the renovation of the Round Building at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem all continue. Hadassah continues to perform miracles, and you can get all that information right here.

Watch your email for updates from Hadassah. Emails from Hadassah Upper Midwest are designed especially for our region members. It may be a program as part of an open board meeting or a fundraiser designed to help support our amazing hospitals in Israel at Ein Kerem and Mt. Scopus. It may be just a fun opportunity to get together with each other.

All of the programs will be advertised on the website event calendar. If you haven't subscribed already, be sure to sign up for the Upper Midwest mailing list at the top of this region page to stay informed on upcoming activities!

We are looking forward to connecting with you and hope that you join us on Zoom and frequent this website.

Marsha and Sarene