Carol Ann Schwartz


Carol Ann Schwartz of Cincinnati, Ohio, is the National Secretary and serves on the Executive Committee of Hadassah. Previously, Carol Ann has served as the National Vice President, 2016 National Convention Chair, National Social Media Chair, National Presidential Development Co-Chair, Centennial Journal Co-Chair, the Vice Chair of the National Leadership Department, National Presidential Development Co-chair, Centennial Journal Co-Chair, Social Media Task Force, National Business Skills Team, National I.T. Team, President of Central States Region; Region Executive Vice President, Region Service Coordinator, NYLAC (National Young Leaders Advisory Council) Representative, and the Region Representative on the National I to I committee. She also served as the Cincinnati Chapter President, Programming Vice President, Donor Chair and as other chairs and on numerous other committees. Carol Ann is an Advocacy Training Specialist through the former Washington Action Office. She was selected as a participant for the 2nd Young Leaders Mission to Israel and was a recipient of the Presidents’ Award.