Dana Waxler

South West

Dana Waxler, from Lookout Mountain, Ga., is the co-chair of annual giving in the Philanthropy Division. She is also simultaneously serving as the Chair of Associates in the philanthropy Division.

Dana is also presently serving as a liaison to Hadassah Super South Geographic Area for the Membership Impact and Giving in the Philanthropy Division and a liaison for Membership Outreach Team in the Engagement Division. Previously, she has served on the Annual Giving Team for nine years and recently served as the national Keeper of the Gate chair. Additionally, she is an elected member of the National Board and was presently elected to serve as the National Chair of the Nominating Committee. Previous positions include past region president for Hadassah Southeastern, and past chapter president for the Chattanooga, Tenn. Chapter, where she is presently a member. Dana now serves on the Portfolio Council of the National Assembly, as the grassroots fundraising chair for Hadassah Southeastern and the major gifts and annual giving chair for the Chattanooga Chapter. Dana participated and was certified as a leadership trainer in Hadassah’s LET program. In addition to her volunteer work for Hadassah, Dana served on the Board for the Jewish Federation of Greater Chattanooga, and she served as president of the local Chattanooga chapter of The American Institute of Architects. Dana is also involved with several local environmental groups. Dana is a licensed architect and for the past 18 years has run her own architectural practice.