Haren Haber

New York Tristate

Haren Haber of New City, N.Y. currently serves as the HMO visitor Follow-Up and is a member of the Donor Experience Team in the Philanthropy Division. She is proud to be a Keeper of the Gate and member of the Society of Major Donors.

Haren is a past president of Hadassah Lower New York State. Some of her past national portfolios include grassroots fundraising chair and Associates chair, where she worked closely with the national Committee of Hadassah Associates, helping the Associates to set priorities and achieve their fundraising goals. She previously served in the Organization Department as a region liaison and as national new member chair in the Membership Outreach Department, where one of her focuses was to help new members make a strong connection to Hadassah and have a positive lifelong experience.  Earlier in her Hadassah career, Haren served as president of the New City Chapter and L’ahtid Group, the chapter’s young leaders group. She has held many portfolios at the region, chapter and group levels in the areas of education, fundraising, membership and organization.