Maureen (Miki) Schulman


Maureen (Miki) Schulman is currently serving as the chair of the Philanthropy Division Round Building. She previously served as the Philanthropy Division campus campaign chair. She has served as a national vice president and has completed maximum terms on the Executive Committee. Miki previously held various national portfolios, including chair of the national Guardian Donors, chair of the Membership/Outreach Department, chair of the Major Gifts Department, coordinator of the Fundraising Division and Hadassah Medical Organization vice-chair. Miki served as a director of the Hadassah Medical Organization Board for 12 years. She lived on Long Island for most her life and is a past president of Hadassah Nassau and has held many region board portfolios. In addition to her work for Hadassah, Miki is a past chair of the Long Island Women's Division State of Israel Bonds. She has served as a volunteer for the Long Island Jewish Hospital, Temple Beth El and the Nassau County Health Department Breast Cancer Advisory Committee. Miki has made over 70 trips to Israel, has led 30 Hadassah missions and has attended four World Zionist Congresses.