Roz Kantor


Roz Kantor of Boynton Beach, Fla. is the national chair of the Society of Major Donors Luminaries. This new recognition level within the Philanthropy Division recognizes donors whose cumulative giving to Hadassah is between $180,000 and $249,999. Prior to this portfolio, she served as the national chair of Keepers of the Gate as well as the national co-chair of annual giving. She is currently serving on the National Board for a three-year term.

Prior to her current positions, she served on many Florida Atlantic Region committees before being asked to serve as membership vice president from 2006 to 2009. At the same time, she served nationally as the LET (Leadership Education Training) rep team chair. Her responsibility in this position was to send LET trainers to groups requesting leadership training throughout the country.

She joined Hadassah in 1984, when she moved to Los Angeles from New Jersey. She became an active member of her group, serving as recording secretary and treasurer before becoming president. During her years as a member of Hadassah Southern California, she served in many leadership roles, including chair of the Northern Area Resource Center. As the lead volunteer, she was responsible for overseeing the Center, as well as chartering several new groups. In addition, as a member of Hadassah Southern California’s Cabinet, she worked with Young Leader’s Groups and helped them organize the Rubber Ducky Race, which enabled them to win the prestigious Judith Epstein Award.