Sandy Einberg

West Coast

Sandra (Sandy) Einberg of Los Angeles is currently the resource chair for the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic Geographic Areas. She was the immediate past Team leader of the Resource Chairs. Nationally, she has been the chair of the Organization Department, a resource chair/liaison to various areas, including the Mid-Atlantic GA, the five regions that make up the current Hadassah West GA and the Upper Midwest Region. Sandy served a national vice president and is a member of the Honorary Council.  

Sandy was the last president of the Los Angeles Chapter of Hadassah and actively involved with the reorganization of the area into Hadassah Southern California. Sandy has held many local portfolios, including group president, Southern Pacific Coast Region conference chair and National Fundraising Team and ADC Team member. For Hadassah Southern California, she held the portfolios of membership and fundraising. Now a member of the Aviv Group of the Houston Chapter of Hadassah Greater Southwest, Sandy retains a position as an advisor on both the HSC and Metro Area of HSC Boards.