Are You Ready to Vote in November?

August 9, 2022

Are You Ready to Vote in November?

Civic engagement is central to Hadassah’s commitment to effect change, from promoting voting and an informed citizenry to corresponding and meeting directly with elected officials.

2022 is a critical election year. Remember: your vote counts and has the power to make a difference! This November, all 435 House seats and 34 of the 100 Senate seats are up for election -- and in the 2018 midterms, 102 congressional races were decided by a margin of victory of 10 percent or less of the total votes cast.

Hadassah supports our members in exercising their right to vote for candidates that reflect their values. That’s why we created our 2022 Voting and Issues Guide with resources for making a voting plan and a short overview of critical policy issues for Hadassah that are shaping policy debates this year.

1. Make a Voting Plan
‍The first step to voting comes before you arrive at the polls – make sure you’re registered to vote and develop a plan for voting. Have you verified your registration? Can you vote by mail? Do you need to vote early? Where is your polling location? When will you vote? How will you get there? Do you need to bring ID? These are all important questions to think through before Election Day. Review the #HadassahVotes Checklist and click here to access resources for registering to vote, finding your voting location, and understanding requirements and options in your community.

2. Where Hadassah Stands on the Issues
‍Our 2022 Voting and Issue Guide gives a clear overview of important policy issues, including supporting Israel’s security, empowering women to make critical health decisions, strengthening womens' and public health issues and expanding our commitment to combating antisemitism. These topics will be discussed by candidates across the country leading up to Election Day, and you can use this guide to learn more about Hadassah’s position on these important policy issues.

Check out Hadassah’s 2022 Voting and Issues Guide for Hadassah Members to access these voting resources and see where Hadassah stands on important issues in this year’s upcoming election.

Voting is your fundamental right, so make sure your officials and their priorities reflect your values and beliefs. And stay tuned for more ways you can make your voice heard and support the electoral process!