Creating a Better World for All Children

May 12, 2023

Creating a Better World for All Children

By Rhoda Smolow

This Mother's Day, we'll be celebrating everyone who's cherished as a mother, and — more broadly — every woman who has had the vision to help create a better world for everyone's children. Our own founder, Henrietta Szold, never had children of her own, yet is heralded as a mother of Israel. Each February, her yahrzeit, the anniversary of her death, is celebrated nationwide in Israel, in what began as an Israeli version of Mother's Day but was renamed Family Day to be more inclusive.

Here in the United States, Mother's Day falls during Jewish American Heritage Month. At Hadassah, where we believe it's important to lift up the voices of women every day, we're celebrating both. So in addition to tipping our hats to everyone who makes Hadassah a powerful women's organization, we're proud to lift up many of the other organizations and institutions that help raise awareness and educate about Hadassah women's impact in Jewish American life.

In fact, on Thursday, I was honored to be invited to celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month and the introduction of the first bipartisan, bicameral resolution honoring this important month in Washington, D.C., at the Russell Senate Office Building.

Our history is long — and while our eyes are set on the future, to paraphrase Henrietta Szold — I hope you'll enjoy joining me and Hadassah friends and family around the country in looking back.

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    As we look ahead and celebrate Hadassah & Israel — Together at 75 all year long, join us in recognizing this diverse list of women, who share our passion for Israel.

I speak often of the pride, passion and purpose that Hadassah inspires in me. I hope you'll help spread the word about our own Jewish American women — those who are and who will make history, bringing hope and healing into the future.

Happy Mother's Day and Jewish American History Month!

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