Hadassah Builds on #EndTheSilence Momentum with Yellow Nail Campaign

March 27, 2024

Hadassah Builds on #EndTheSilence Momentum with Yellow Nail Campaign

This April, Hadassah members around the country are building on the momentum of the #EndTheSilence campaign by painting a nail yellow to shine a light on the brutal acts committed by Hamas against Israeli women and girls as part of a global social media push. All Hadassah members and supporters are encouraged to take part April 8 to April 22, leading up to Passover.

The idea for painting nails yellow started in Israel from the testimony of a volunteer who prepared the bodies of the victims of the October 7 massacre for burial. In a morbid sea of the awful colors of death, the only “living” colors seen were the polished fingernails of the young women.

At Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem and Hostages Square in Israel, volunteers at Hadassah booths painted nails yellow in March, an act of solidarity designed to bring international awareness to Hadassah’s #EndTheSilence campaign, demanding an end to the use of rape and gender violence as weapons of war.

For Hadassah members in the US, painting a nail yellow is also a sign of hope, a symbol of solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Israel. Until there is justice and accountability, and the hostages are returned, we must keep speaking out to #EndTheSilence.

April 8-April 22: Paint a Nail Yellow to Help #EndTheSilence

1. Paint a fingernail in bright, bold yellow — a color that can’t be ignored and will lead to questions and conversation.

2. Post a photo on your personal social media page including the hashtags #EndTheSilence and #Hadassah and tag Hadassah.

3. Email photos to engagement@hadassah.org.

The campaign ends the morning of the first Passover seder. Consider displaying your yellow nail at the seder and raising a “5th Question” — why is my nail yellow tonight?

Speak up for those who can't: Sign the petition. Donate today.

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