Hadassah Continues Fight to Protect Reproductive Health

August 16, 2022

Hadassah Continues Fight to Protect Reproductive Health

In a win for reproductive rights on August 2, Hadassah members in Kansas mobilized against a ballot initiative to eliminate state protections for choice. Kansas voters resoundingly rejected the anti-choice measure.  Without the federal protections, states can now fully take away all access to reproductive choice. Stay informed -- and speak out.

Active State Hadassah for Choice Campaigns

Ongoing Hadassah for Choice Federal Actions
While Hadassah members fight to protect reproductive rights in states across the country, the fight at the federal level continues. Three bills protecting women’s reproductive rights and enacting protections for patients and doctors are now before the Senate. Urge your legislators to protect reproductive health care nationwide.

We still need champions of choice to step up with Hadassah and help protect reproductive health care access across the country. If your state isn’t on the list and you’d like to get involved, email us at advocacy@hadassah.org or continue outreach to your federal legislator to push for reproductive freedom on the national level!

Check out our Hadassah for Choice action page to see how you can speak up and support reproductive rights across the country!