Hadassah Doctor Who Helped Her Beat Childhood Cancer Delivers Her Baby

September 11, 2023

Hadassah Doctor Who Helped Her Beat Childhood Cancer Delivers Her Baby

Fifteen years ago Talia Bazak, who had already successfully battled leukemia at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, faced a recurrence of cancer. Doctors at Ein Kerem thought she might need a bone marrow transplant, and a nationwide effort to find a match was initiated. One of the many volunteers assisting in the effort was a young intern named Doron Cabiri, who coordinated a recruitment station registering potential bone marrow donors. As it turned out, Talia was treated with chemotherapy and recovered without the need of a transplant.

Just last week, Talia, now married to Asaf, successfully delivered a son at Hadassah Ein Kerem with the help of the same Dr. Doron Cabiri, currently a senior physician in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and head of the high-risk pregnancy clinic.

Says Talia, "Before we met Dr. Cabiri, I had gone through a stillbirth; it was a challenging and turbulent time. For the next pregnancy, we realized that we had significant challenges ahead and that I would need the guidance of a specialist in high-risk pregnancy. That's how we came to Dr. Doron Cabiri, with many recommendations from family and friends in Ein Kerem … As soon as we turned to him, we felt that we were in very good hands."

In an emotional moment after the birth, Dr. Cabiri revealed to Talia that he had been among the people who assisted her 15 years ago when a transplant donor was being sought.

Talia summed up the experience, saying, "Dr. Cabiri was there during challenging moments, and we always knew that I was being treated by a professional and responsible doctor who provided full care and close guidance. In a second, I connected with him, and he became my authority for everything. It was amazing to discover he was a part of the human chain that worked to save me during my childhood. Today we’re leaving Hadassah as a family, and we thank Dr. Cabiri, the amazing Hadassah team, and everyone who helped along the way."

To read the complete story in "Israel National News," click here.

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