[Hadassah On Call:] At War: Heal Israel Now

November 1, 2023

[Hadassah On Call:] At War: Heal Israel Now

“We have been declared as one of the major trauma centers for the State of Israel,” says Prof. Yoram Weiss, director general of the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO).

In a special two-part episode of the Hadassah On Call podcast, you’ll hear Hadassah’s At War: Heal Israel Now briefing, which takes you behind the scenes at HMO, which has been providing critical care to soldiers, civilians and displaced families since the onset of Israel’s war with Hamas.

Tune in to learn about Hadassah’s war response efforts from Hadassah leaders, including Prof. Weiss; Estelle Rubinstein, head of social work at HMO; and Dr. Manno Saks, president of Hadassah International; among others, as well as from Michal Alon, a brave nurse who was treated at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem for the injuries she sustained while risking her life to save a severely injured soldier.

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