[Hadassah On Call] Breathe Easy: All About Asthma

August 21, 2023

[Hadassah On Call] Breathe Easy: All About Asthma

Growing up in Haifa, Israel, Dr. Joel Reiter described himself as a pretty asthmatic teenager. But since moving to Jerusalem, he hasn’t experienced an asthma attack yet. It’s been about twenty years now.

Dr. Reiter, director of the Hadassah Sleep Center and senior pediatric pulmonologist, speculates that his environment — Jerusalem’s dry air, compared to Haifa’s humidity and pollution — could account for the extended absence of symptoms and exacerbations.

“Some will grow out of it, some will not,” said Dr. Reiter on the newest episode of the Hadassah On Call podcast all about asthma.

From triggers such as allergies and effects such as insomnia to diagnosis and treatment, this episode offers a breadth of information to help you breathe easier.

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