Hadassah Study Finds COVID-19 Vaccine Doesn’t Affect Fertility

April 21, 2021

Hadassah Study Finds COVID-19 Vaccine Doesn’t Affect Fertility

A Hadassah Medical Organization study reveals that neither the COVID-19 vaccine nor COVID-19 itself has any detrimental effects on female fertility.

According to the researchers, led by Dr. Anat Hershko, director of the In Vitro Fertilization Unit at Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus, this is the first study of its kind. It is currently in the process of peer-review, though it has been published on medRxiv.

This early preliminary study was comprised of 32 women, who were divided into three groups. The first consisted of vaccinated women; the second, women who had the disease and recovered; and the third, women who did not have any exposure to the coronavirus.

The researchers explained that they examined each woman’s follicular fluid, which is aspirated along with the egg for the fertilization process. They did not see any alteration in this fluid in the women who had COVID-19 or in those who were vaccinated against it.

Dr. Hershko noted, “This fluid is a very good source to study the environment of the egg, as it can be analyzed at the hormonal level and checked for certain proteins that, according to medical literature, are good indicators as to the quality of the egg.”

She added, “We were very happy to find that the vaccine did not harm the performance of the follicle in any way,” said Dr. Hershko.

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