Hanukkah Mini-netletter, Second Light

November 29, 2021

Hanukkah Mini-netletter, Second Light

Kislev 5782, November 2021

At the recent Hadassah-Israel Special Gifts concert I mentioned in yesterday’s mini-Netletter, most participants listened and clapped but one couple was quick to leap to their feet to dance to the Chicago-sound music: Dorraine Gilbert Weiss and Barry Weiss.

I kept thinking that they are a poster couple for Hadassah Medical Organization. Back in Los Angeles, Dorraine was the president of her Hadassah group, an active fundraiser for Hadassah Hospital and Youth Aliyah, as well as Southern California Israel and Zionist chair.

She listened to her own speeches and she and Barry made Aliyah.

In the last decade Barry has suffered hip fractures and breaks. Dorraine has had two rounds of cancer, a detached retina and a kidney stone that caused heart failure. She’s in a special program for women’s hearts.

“Hadassah Hospital works its miracles and keeps putting us back together,” says Dorraine, an ebullient great grandmother who turned 76 yesterday on Hanukkah. “Remember in this season of light that everyday you wake up is a day to experience joy. I look at those candles burning and thank G-d for living in Israel and having the blessing of Hadassah medical care.

Hanukkah Sameach!