Jewish Law, Tikkun Olam and Cannabis

May 10, 2023

Jewish Law, Tikkun Olam and Cannabis

What does tikkun olam have to do with cannabis?

If you’re using cannabis for medical reasons, there are specific conditions and restrictions that must be met. That’s where tikkun olam — and Dr. Jordan Tishler — come in.

The cannabinoid specialist, a life member of Hadassah’s Physicians Council and Hadassah Associate, has worked in cannabis medicine for more than 10 years, abiding by the Jewish law that stresses how important it is for patients to have an adequate level of medical guidance when using medical cannabis — just as with any medical treatment. In a blog post on The Jerusalem Post, Dr. Tishler explains the circumstances around the use of medical cannabis and how he founded the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists (ACS) to educate health care professionals on its proper use to ensure safe and effective patient treatment.

Studies prove that cannabis has many benefits: reducing pain, improving sleep, controlling nausea and vomiting, and increasing appetite. If medical cannabis is more effective than conventional options, Jewish law would generally favor its use. And so would Hadassah.

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Read “Understanding Medical Cannabis: My Tikkun Olam,” Dr. Tishler’s blog post on The Jerusalem Post.

Read Hadassah’s policy statement on medical marijuana.

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