No Summer “Vacation” at Hadassah’s Meir Shfeyah Youth Aliyah Village

August 21, 2023

No Summer “Vacation” at Hadassah’s Meir Shfeyah Youth Aliyah Village

While most schools close during the summer, the staff at Meir Shfeyah, Hadassah’s Youth Aliyah village in northern Israel, continues to provide a full complement of services for the many international students who cannot return home for the vacation period. Not only is there ongoing preparation for the new school year beginning on September 3, but the village is also hosting the Big Idea International Tech camp and various soccer league camps even as they provide educational and recreational activities for the teens living there.

The entire village is excitedly planning for the school’s centennial celebration on September 21. More than 4,000 alumni, staff and guests will celebrate Meir Shfeyah’s extraordinary achievements over the past 100 years together with Hadassah leaders from the US and Israel and representatives of the Israel Ministry of Education and local government. Celebrants will meet in a special reception area and watch a new video highlighting Hadassah’s contributions to Shfeyah's success.

In addition to its prize-winning dairy, Meir Shfeyah boasts an excellent winery, a therapeutic horseback riding program, and the acclaimed Mandolin Orchestra, which performs around the country.

The school’s 2023–24 roster is filled, with 340 residential students and 340 external students already registered. In the event of a potential nationwide teacher’s strike announced to begin on September 3, the village’s external students will not be able to attend classes. However, educational and recreational activities will be provided for the residential students in the Nancy Falchuk Enrichment Center.

Construction of the new Naggar Trust Dormitory is expected to begin immediately after the centennial celebration and Sukkot. Additionally, renovations soon to be undertaken in the Bonnie Lipton Center for the Performing Arts will accommodate the village’s Theater Arts Program.

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