Policy and Advocacy at the National Assembly Meeting

July 13, 2022

Policy and Advocacy at the National Assembly Meeting

At Hadassah’s July 2022 National Meetings, the National Board voted to adopt two new policy statements: 125 Years of the Zionist Movement & Israel at 75 and A Vision for Women’s Health.

In August we will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the First World Zionist Congress, and next year, Israel will celebrate its 75th anniversary of independence. Hadassah representatives will participate in the 125th anniversary celebration in Basel, Switzerland in August. Hadassah’s policy statement 125 Years of the Zionist Movement & Israel at 75 celebrates these important milestones by reaffirming our unequivocal support of Zionism and the State of Israel.

Hadassah will work to amplify the voices of the next generation of Zionist leaders and to empower people to publicly and proudly state their support for Israel. Hadassah will continue work to educate the public about Zionism’s roots and modern challenges through programs including Evolving Zionism: Widening the Tent.

At this critical moment in the national conversation around women’s health, Hadassah adopted a new policy statement, A Vision for Women’s Health, that reaffirms and deepens our commitment to help women in the United States live their healthiest possible lives. The hallmarks of our vision are empowered wellness, integration and innovation.

Hadassah calls for government, industry and community-driven solutions to increase public awareness, patient and provider education and community outreach around health disparities for women, and to advance prevention and early detection of diseases, particularly those that impact women differentially and differently, including through prioritizing the study of sex and gender medicine.

Take Action: Support Zionist policies and programs in this year’s funding bills and support expanding women’s health research.

Spread the Word. Share these Hadassah policy statement graphics on social media: 125 Years of the Zionist Movement &  Israel at 75 | A Vision for Women’s Health.

Read our press release: Hadassah Adopts New Policy Statements Celebrating 125 Years of the Zionist Movement and Outlining a Vision for Women’s Health

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