Speaking Out: Fighting Restrictions to Repro Rights in Kentucky

November 3, 2022

Speaking Out: Fighting Restrictions to Repro Rights in Kentucky

President of Hadassah Louisville chapter and Kentucky-based pediatrician Dr. Michelle Elisburg published a powerful opinion in the Frankfort State Journal ahead of Election Day, opposing Amendment 2, a ballot measure that seeks to restrict reproductive choice in Kentucky. She writes: “Amendment 2, if passed, will lead to the exact consequences I and many other doctors fear most for our patients and ourselves: it will prevent physicians from being able to prioritize patients’ wellbeing, prevent women from making decisions about their own bodies and lead to sharp declines in women’s health. At the same time, it will threaten religious freedom. Restrictions on these freedoms are unquestionably dangerous and place my practice, patients and professional ethics at risk.”

Read Dr. Elisburg’s article here and learn more about how Hadassah members in Kentucky and nationwide have been working to fight Amendment 2 by making calls to voters with the Jewish Community Phone Bank to Protect Abortion in Kentucky.

Check out the Hadassah for Choice page and learn how you can join the fight to protect reproductive rights in Kentucky and across the country.

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