On November 5, 2024, US voters will elect a president, 34 senators, 435 representatives to the US House and 11 governors and decide on at least 76 statewide ballot measures. These choices will impact our communities and the issues we care about — from Israel to women's health to antisemitism — in countless ways.

Make a plan, research the issues, and make your voice heard on Election Day!

Make a Voting Plan

Our #HadassahVotes checklist can help you get ready to exercise your right to vote!
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Learn Hadassah’s Priorities

View the below images and sections to learn where we stand on key issues in this year's election, or download our comprehensive 2023 Voting and Issues Guide.

Expanding Support for Israel

In the face of Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel, Hadassah is working to ensure a strong US-Israel alliance and demand justice.

Combating Antisemitism

Hadassah is standing up to the alarming spike in antisemitism through empowerment, education and advocacy.

Championing Women’s and Public Health

Hadassah advocates for comprehensive women’s and reproductive health and speaks out on timely public health issues.

Strengthen Democracy

Election workers are critical to safeguarding our democratic process and helping ensure fair and safe elections where everyone’s voice is counted. Hadassah is joining the Jewish Partnership for Democracy to encourage more people to work and volunteer at voting locations across the country.

Sign up through our Power the Polls link to learn more about becoming an election worker in your community this year*

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