Hadassah’s Emergency Appeal FAQs

How can I help?
There is an urgent need for the kind of hard-won expertise in delivering wartime trauma care for which the Hadassah Medical Organization is well known. Your donation to Hadassah’s Heal Israel Now emergency campaign allows us to be ready in times of peace as well as times of war. With the continued aggression from Hamas and the new attacks from Iran, the need for high-priority items, including state-of-the-art equipment, devices and supplies for healing and saving the lives of some of Israel’s most seriously injured, has never been more urgent.
I’m a doctor/nurse. Can I volunteer at a Hadassah hospital?
Despite the dire situation, Hadassah hospitals are stable and running efficiently. Doctors, nurses and other staff are working nonstop, shoulder-to-shoulder. Still, as doctors and nurses are being called to IDF reserve duty, there may come a time when additional personnel, including those who provide psychosocial support, are needed. At this time, we are asking certified doctors and nurses who are interested in potential future volunteer opportunities to add their information to this database
Are you accepting equipment donations?
While equipment donations can have a significant impact, there are stringent requirements related to condition, FDA approval, maintenance service, and model and manufacturer information that can be challenging to meet. Therefore, HMO generally prefers donations of funds to allow it to manage the procurement process more efficiently and allocate resources where they are most needed.
What makes Hadassah’s response unique?
Hadassah’s hospital system, as Jerusalem’s only Level-1 Trauma Center and one of only six such centers in all of Israel, is treating many of the most severely wounded patients who require complex, specialized care. Both campuses, Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem and Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus, are equipped with helipads for emergency transports. The Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) is preparing for the long-term requirements of patient care and anticipates that every patient being treated in our hospitals will need rehabilitation. HMO has expedited the launch of two state-of-the-art underground emergency facilities within the nearly completed Gandel Rehabilitation Center at Mount Scopus and the Sara Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower at Ein Kerem, both of which are uniquely positioned to operate under extreme conditions. Additionally, HMO has launched an emergency psychiatric ER service for adults and children, given the many citizens suffering from severe anxiety and trauma responses, and is offering mental health outreach to kibbutzim in the Jerusalem region.
What will you do with my donation?
Your donation will help support the most critical needs our hospitals are facing, including purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, devices, and supplies for healing and saving the lives of some of Israel’s most seriously injured. As the crisis continues to evolve, your gifts will be directed toward addressing additional pressing needs as they arise.
Some examples of the types of items that donations to this crisis could support:
·         Operating Tables
·         Anesthesia Machine
·         Anesthesia Cart
·         Anesthesia Ultrasound
·         Suture/Fluids Cart
·         Diathermy Mattress
·         Patient Transfer Roller
·         Ultrasound Machine
·         Mobile X-Ray Machine
·         Transport Ventilator
·         Rehabilitation equipment and furnishings
Is my donation tax deductible?
Your donation is 100% secure and tax-deductible. Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, is a registered 501(c)3 and has a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator as a trusted source for charitable giving.
I'd like to make a major gift to support Hadassah's war efforts. How?
Please contact Melanie Hersch, Major Gifts Associate, at mhersch@hadassah.org, who can connect you with your local Major Gifts Officer.
I don't give donations online. Is a check okay?
Absolutely. We're grateful for your support. Checks may be mailed to 40 Wall Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10005. To ensure your donation is attributed to Hadassah’s emergency relief efforts, please write: ISRLWR2023 in the memo section of the check.
How much of my donation will go directly to this war effort?
Hadassah is committed to providing immediate relief to the people of Israel, and your gift enables us to do just that, and do it efficiently. We apply a modest administrative fee that is in line with similar non-profit organizations. Because we own and operate our hospitals, your gifts have the greatest impact on our projects and initiatives. We do not serve as a pass-through to other organizations that implement the project, which makes your gift go even further.
an I make a recurring donation to this emergency campaign?
Yes, you may make a recurring donation. Please select “monthly” on our Heal Israel Now donate form.
Are these donations being matched?
Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, all gifts were being matched dollar for dollar up to $1 million. While the match is over, our critical needs have only increased.
How can I learn more about what Hadassah’s doing?
View the rest of our content on our At War: Heal Israel Now website page for updates about what we’re doing and how you can help in other ways, after you’ve donated. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter (X), and sign up for our Live Briefing From Hadassah — At War: Heal Israel Now, on Thursdays.