Acts of Kindness: Youth Aliyah Students Give Back

December 9, 2020

Acts of Kindness: Youth Aliyah Students Give Back

“He took out his wallet and paid for my entire purchase. I was left speechless,” writes a young Israeli mother about Shlomo Tasfo, a Youth Aliyah graduate, who not only paid for her grocery store purchase when she couldn’t afford it, but surprised her with a second gift of 100 shekels.

This is just one example of an extraordinary act of kindness by a Youth Aliyah student, and it’s the subject of a Times of Israel column written by Hadassah’s Youth Aliyah National Co-Chair Carol Goodman Kaufman.

In “Giving Tuesday and Everyday,” Carol shares inspiring stories of Youth Aliyah students who are giving back to their community in Israel. At Hadassah-supported Youth Aliyah villages, staff and teachers provide children with much-needed love, support and education to help them become independent and successful Israeli citizens. "But these kids don't simply take," writes Carol, "They give back and they pay it forward."

Read the full story at The Times of Israel.

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