Hadassah Becoming A Recognized Leader In Infertility Advocacy

July 8, 2021

Hadassah Becoming A Recognized Leader In Infertility Advocacy

More than 13 million women and men of all ages, races and ethnicities are impacted by infertility. But for the Jewish community in particular, infertility challenges are more prevalent than in the general public. Today, one in six Jewish couples struggle with infertility as opposed to one in eight couples nationally. Hadassah’s reConceiving Infertility initiative and Hadassah advocates are changing the paradigm for policymakers, patients and communities on how we understand and address infertility in the United States.

This work is urgent. Barriers to an infertility diagnoses and treatment are putting medical care out of reach for many Americans. Lack of awareness on the pervasiveness of infertility, misinformation about treatments, persistent stigma, underinvestment in medical research and high out-of-pocket costs have stymied efforts to create policies for better health outcomes and increase utilization.

This year, Hadassah advocates are building support in Congress for change across party lines. Hadassah led the effort to secure bipartisan support for a resolution introduced in April, H.Res. 338, by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Congressman Dan Crenshaw recognizing infertility as a disease and affirming Congress’ commitment to address infertility issues. It is the first bipartisan action on infertility in more than a decade and the first step in our work. In June, Hadassah advocates participated in a day of advocacy on infertility and won additional co-sponsorships.

Hadassah is now joining its hospitals in Jerusalem, already known for its medical research and standard of care for patients facing infertility, as a recognizable leader in combating infertility through its role as a convener of organizations and the lead advocacy group for many Jewish fertility foundations.

We are excited about the growing momentum to raise awareness, confront taboos, drive policy change and empower patients to advocate for their health while expanding the definition of family – whatever that may mean.

Visit Hadassah’s National Action Center today and urge your representatives to support H.Res. 338. You can also add your name in support of state-level proposals, such as those in California, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia, that expand access to infertility treatment and/or fertility preservation.