[Hadassah On Call] Ukraine Dispatch: Healing Meets Humanity.

April 14, 2022

[Hadassah On Call] Ukraine Dispatch: Healing Meets Humanity.

“Immediately when the hostility started, we felt that we needed to be part of the response," Prof. Yoram Weiss, MD, acting director general of the Hadassah Medical Organization, tells Hadassah On Call podcast host Benyamin Cohen. "This is our ability to adapt and assist people all over the world. And this is the case ... now in Poland and in Ukraine," he says.

In Ukraine Dispatch: Healing Meets Humanity, our timely new Hadassah On Call podcast episode, Prof. Weiss is joined by Rely Alon, PhD, director of the Division of Nursing and Health Professions, and senior pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Alex Gileles-Hillel, to share updates and insights into Hadassah's lifesaving medical response efforts in Ukraine.

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