It's Time To Make Progress For Those Suffering From Infertility | Advocacy Update 8.20

August 20, 2019

It's Time To Make Progress For Those Suffering From Infertility | Advocacy Update 8.20

A Critical Voice On Infertility
There are few things that bring a family and a community together like the birth of a child. But for about 11 percent of women and 9 percent of men, the journey is anything but simple. Every year millions face the stress of infertility and severe barriers to accessing the doctors, tests and medications that may be necessary for treatment. Hadassah believes medical care for infertility should be an essential health benefit. That is why part of our women’s health policy agenda is focused on fighting to improve access to quality, affordable infertility diagnosis and treatment.

Take Action

Infertility is too often the subject of hushed conversations and quiet suffering.  Many struggle in silence and infertility is often misunderstood.  A patient’s age, genetics, other medical conditions, and previous treatments or injuries can all contribute to infertility.  Read our recently passed policy statement to learn more and join us in speaking out.   

Take Action Now
As always, we have the power to make an impact together. Hadassah is hard at work in Washington. Here are two ways you can help:

  • Visit the National Action Center today to urge your legislators to support expanding insurance coverage to include infertility care and other policies to reduce the financial burden for families.  Learn more about the specific legislation Hadassah is supporting, including the Access to Infertility Treatment and Care Act (H.R.2803 | S. 1461) and the Women Veterans and Families Health Services Act (S. 319). 
  • Infertility impacts so many. Together we can begin to break down barriers, support one another and help improve access to the medical care that could help more Americans realize their dreams of starting a family. Email to learn more.