The Branch: Real stories about building connections between Jews and Arabs

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The Branch offers a glimpse into the everyday lives of Jews and Arabs in Israel forging meaningful relationships. Presented by Hadassah and hosted by Dina Kraft, The Branch shines a light on the stories of people living the example of a shared society. Together. Even though it’s complicated.

Hadassah believes in the power of women for Israel, and that positive stories from Israel can make a powerful impact. Today the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) serves 1 million patients a year, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, HMO doctors, nurses and staff work together, Arab and Jewish, building bridges to peace through medicine. HMO is the only medical organization to have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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Episode 13: Kid Power


Talia dances, loves drawing, and traces her Muslim ancestry back to Jerusalem's Old City. Shali is the wise-cracking son of an Israeli rapper. The teens met by joining Israel’s only youth movement for peace. Listen as they teach us what it means to be Kids4Peace in 2019.


Episode 12: Two Doctors and a Case of Friendship

episode-12-two-doctors-and-a-case-of-friendship thumb

When it comes to sexual abuse and assault, Dr. Dvora Bauman and Dr. Moshira Aboo Dia share the same goal: to return control to the victim. Despite their political differences, they work together to empower women at Hadassah Hospital's Bat Ami Center.


Episode 11: Karate for Peace


Danny Hakim and Hazam Abu Qwedar are longtime friends and martial arts instructors. Through the art of karate, they're showing kids in Israel -- Jewish and Bedouin -- a new approach to coexistence.


Episode 10: From Gaza to Tel Aviv

Episode 10 From Gaza to Tel Aviv thumbnail

Two journalists forged a 30-year friendship out of covering conflict, and today their families' lives are intertwined. Jonathan is a Jewish New Yorker who moved to Israel. Saud is a Gaza City native. This is their story.


Episode 9: Shuk Days

branch episode 9 thumb

Mahdi and Michal work long hours side by side at ShakShuk, a small restaurant in Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda market. They're like brother and sister - and they're learning how to have difficult political conversations.


Episode 8: The Parents Circle

Branch Episode 8 Thumb

Robi, an Israeli mother, and Bassam, a Palestinian father, each lost a child to the violence. United instead of divided by grief, they're working together to show how important one-on-one reconciliation is on the path to peace.


Episode 7: A Sisterhood for Change

Branch Episode 7 thumb

Israelis Hamutal and Samah — one Jewish, the other Arab — are feminist activists combating domestic violence. Through their friendship, they show up despite having conflicting identities.


Episode 6: It Takes a Village

Branch Episode 6 Thumb

At Meir Shfeyah, the Hadassah-supported Youth Village, Arab Israeli 24-year-old Kassem takes on the role of mentor and confidante to three Jewish teens.


Episode 5: The Blue Bridge

Branch Ep 5 Thumb

This month, we travel to Juha's Guesthouse in the Israeli Arab fishing village of Jisr az Zarka. This small guesthouse is bringing new life and opportunities to an often forgotten town.


Episode 4: The Nurses Station

Branch Ep 4 Nurses Thumb

In the dialysis unit at Hadassah Hospital, the nurses and patients are like a family. Host Dina Kraft asks, "How do we take this island of peace and connect it to the main land?"


Episode 3: A Sweet Scoop

Branch Ep 3 Ice Cream Thumb

Meet Adam Ziv and Alaa Sweitat, the owners of Buza, Arabic for ice cream. This Jewish-Arab team have not only found meaningful friendship through their business, they've created "a corner of delicious sanity."


Episode 2: School Days

Branch Ep 2 School Thumb

A look inside life at the only school in Jerusalem where Jewish and Arab students learn together, and about each other, in Hebrew and Arabic. Here, they aren’t just classmates – they’re friends.


Episode 1: Harmony Onstage and Off

Branch Ep 1 Jaffa Thumb

We begin our journey in the Jaffa Theatre, meeting actors and musicians from different backgrounds, brought together by the music of famed musician Farid Al-Atrash.


About Dina Kraft: Dina is a veteran foreign correspondent. She currently writes for Haaretz and The Christian Science Monitor, covering Israeli and Palestinian society. A former AP correspondent based in Jerusalem and Johannesburg, she has also been a regular contributor to The New York Times, JTA and The Daily Telegraph.

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