[Hadassah On Call] It’s All in Your Head: Why Headaches Matter

November 11, 2021

[Hadassah On Call] It’s All in Your Head: Why Headaches Matter

For every time you’ve said, “oh, my head,” here’s the latest in treatments for a condition familiar to each and every one of us: headaches. Dr. Max Bauer, a senior neurologist who just helped open a new interdisciplinary headache clinic at Hadassah's hospitals in Jerusalem, recently sat down with Hadassah On Call podcast host Benyamin Cohen for “It’s All in Your Head: Why Headaches Matter.”

There are around 200 types of headaches according to Dr. Bauer. Some are typical, such as tension headaches, migraines, cluster headaches, while others may be due to tumors or other conditions. Still more challenges await Dr. Bauer and his colleagues as they treat patients with chronic headaches as well as recovered COVID-19 patients who, suffering from long COVID, experience persistent, daily headache conditions.

Headache is a major health issue, but Dr. Bauer is optimistic: "If we can help now 50% of patients, I hope we'll be able to help 80% or 90% of patients in the future."

Listen to the latest Hadassah On Call episode and meet Dr. Bauer as he shares the ins and outs of headaches: what causes them, the best ways to get rid of one and when professional help may be needed.

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