Making Friends in Lockdown, Young Judaeans in Israel Thrive

November 13, 2020

Making Friends in Lockdown, Young Judaeans in Israel Thrive

"We’ve made the best of it by spending lots of time together,” says  Hannah Adams, referring to the new friends she's made during her gap  year in Israel through Young Judaea’s Year Course program, despite  COVID-19. 

As one of 215 American teens participating  in Year Course’s 2020-2021 academic year, Hannah says she feels at home  in Israel with her fellow Young Judaeans, who she finds "welcoming,  funny, smart, interesting." As the largest gap-year program in Israel,  supported in part by Hadassah scholarships, Year Course gives young  adults like Hannah a chance to earn college credits while experiencing  the rich culture and history of Israel. 

This year  isn't like past years, and Young Judaeans are staying positive and –  most importantly – safe, thanks to Year Course staff's adherence to  Ministry of Health guidelines.

When lockdowns ease, Young Judaeans can do what they do best: explore Israel.

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Young Judaea student volunteering at a farm.

Young Judaea students help a farmer get his crops ready.

Students celebrating Sukkot.

Students praying at the Western Wall.

Year Course staff welcome students to Israel.

Students vote in US elections for the first time.